Friday, September 26, 2008

Mid-terms are almost here

Hello there!
Mid terms are right around the corner (Oct 1st) and things are starting to move much faster in the Pangaea house. All the beginning of the year business, paperwork and procedures are finished and more time is being spent moving faster into the curriculum.
The week of Sept 29 through Oct 3rd will have students understanding the 6 traits of all living things. These are:

All living things are made of cells.
All living things reproduce.
All living things have DNA.
All living things respond to change.
All living things grow and develop.
All living things use energy.

Some scientists still argue over this topic mostly due to the fact that these 6 traits exclude viruses from the list of being technically alive.

Cell theory is the foundation of biology and one of the major standards students focus on this quarter. We will begin our investigation into the structure and function of the parts of cells starting next week. Below is a good visual of an animal cell which may aid in student study.

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