Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Back for a new year

Welcome Back!

Crosswinds Arts and Science Magnet School is off to a pretty good start. Our 2008 / 2009 school year began a few weeks ago and we have hit the ground running. Students have received orientation and toured the grounds the first week. Students then took the Measure of Academic Progress or MAP test in math, Language Arts, and science (only 7th graders... not sure why) the second week. Finally, students have spent last week setting up their science notebook which they will use for the remainder of the year.
Somewhere in there we also found a little time to help out a non-profit in their efforts to gather 1,000,000 acorns used to start forests all over the world. Around the same time we made some leaf prints for a project students will not begin for some time. Leaf prints need fresh, green leaves to work well and this was the only chance we will have for many months.

In the weeks to come students will begin their investigation of life science. We will explore the structure and function of the inner workings of cells, see how they clone themselves in the process of mitosis and start to apply this to the larger picture of tissues and organs of the human body.

If you have any questions please feel email me at mark.russo@emid6067.net my teacher space page is http://www.emid6067.net/servlet/tspace?loc=crosswinds&who=68526249

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