Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

So the holiday break is over and we are back in action. The students left off in 2008 hard at work discovering just how hard it is to isolate and stabilize the skeletal and muscular systems. I had a chance to get some of their adventures on film before the batteries went to that great recycler in the sky.
Random thought... ever wonder why there are no B Batteries? It goes "AAA" then "AA" no "A" no "B" and then straight to "C" and "D" it makes me wonder about the evolution of the modern battery and how we got to this non sequitor.

I promise, this is not a rude gesture!

This coming week holds some fun times with the circulatory system in the form of a PowerPoint and some activities that may put you to sleep... well parts of you anyway. We will restrict the circulatory system (using elevation and pressure points) and see what it feels like when your arms don't get their constant supply of oxygen and nutrients.

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