Tuesday, December 9, 2008

2nd Quarter... Human body

Hey there everyone!
The second quarter is all about the human body, genetics, and how science can solve problems. So far we have started off with the muscular system. I used a PowerPoint which I made years ago when I was just learning how fun making a presentation can be. Mr. Manolis is working with me to teach me how to upload them to this blog. We continued with the 20 major bones in the skeletal system. The goal is to teach students how these two systems work together by teaching basic first aid techniques. I really want to take some pictures of what they come up with. No homework as of yet but I have some great reading strategies for stories that will set up students for the CSI heading our way at the end of the quarter.

If you have any questions please feel email me at mark.russo@emid6067.net my teacher space can be found at http://www.emid6067.net/servlet/tspace?loc=crosswinds&who=68526249

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