Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Science teacher gone, Sub holds down fort.

Hello there,
On Monday January the 14th I was at home with 2 sick little boys. They are so cute but kinda cranky at the moment. The substitute teacher took over my lesson plans but I had to do some juggling to make it work. Rather than have students continue to excavate their fossils using hammers, chisels and what we have affectionately dubbed "The double bladed ninja butter knife of death" (I picked them up at Ax-man, what a great store but nobody could tell me what these tools were originally designed for). I thought it better to put the fossils on hold for a day and have the sub move on to the next part of the lesson which is a brief history of how the Earth was made. This Discovery channel video does a great job of helping students get a sense of what happened to get us where are today and the discussion guide helps students document their understanding.
Things may look a little disjointed for a few days until we get everyone back on the same page but it should all balance out by week's end.

Mr. Russo

As yes! I almost forgot that I had the substitute teacher hand out some homework to start prepping students for the state tests coming up a few months. They are due on Wednesday and Thursday (depending on when your child has science) and if the sub forgot to mention it, #6 is extra credit. I will see if I can get generate a pdf and upload it to the blog. Eventually I want all assignments available online but need to learn how to make that work so this is as good a place to start as any.

If you have any questions please feel email me at mark.russo@emid6067.net

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